Research Centers

Nepal Sanskrit University has set up a research center for the formulation and implementation of various research programs. It conducts short term and long term research programs and facilities the PhD Scholars in pursuing PhD degree. Besides publishing Rhitambhara, an international research journal it edits and publishes rare handwritten ancient books and translates ancient cooks in Nepali and Sanskrit Language. Scholars are carrying Research works on Veda and other classical disciplines.

Institution of Ayurveda

Nepal Sanskrit University has established Institute of Ayurveda the only institute in Nepal in 2011 with the objective of conducting higher education and research in Ayurveda, Producing quality Ayurveda medicines and providing guidelines tot he Ayurveda programs conducted in Central Ayurveda Campus and its affiliated colleges. Dean is the head og the institute. Its office is situated in Blijhundi, Dang.